Hiatt Career Center

Take the “Panic!” Out of Your Senior Disco

Two graduates from the Class of 2022 pose in their regalia during Brandeis’ 71st Commencement.

Is there some “Panic!” at your “Senior Disco?” It’s a stressful time of year for everyone, but especially if you’re graduating this May. While you want to spend the time celebrating with your friends, the stress of what comes next can weigh you down. That’s why Hiatt is here to help carry the load so you can get back to the fun parts!

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work. Hiatt provides the tools and guidance; You provide the dedication and drive to reach your goals. Our Career Team excels at preparing seniors like you for the transition from college to your desired career path. Here’s some quick advice they have to give…


Megan Campbell“Job hopping is not detrimental to your career. Staying in a toxic work environment so you can show 'longevity' or 'dedication' isn't worth it.”

Sandra Sylvestre“You are ready for this! A good start to any new job includes observing group norms, asking lots of questions and having faith in your abilities.”

Zachary Vigliani“If you're job searching, don't apply to everything and anything you see on job boards; be intentional about the jobs you plan to apply to and have a genuine interest in them. Do some goal setting for yourself on how many applications you want to apply to each week, set which days you will check job boards, and adjust for what works best for you as you know yourself the best."

Jessica Smith"The first job after you graduate doesn't have to be your forever job, it's ok to move on if it isn't the right role for you, or if you are ready for something more."

Lauren Dropkin“Keep building your network! Professional networking is about having and being a resource and support system. Build it now so you are prepared and so you can pay it forward.”

Daniel Schwartz“There will be ups and downs throughout your career journey. The good, and especially the bad, will be great learning experiences for the following chapter of your journey. Enjoy the ride and remember to smell the roses along the way.”

Looking for more? Navigate our online resources—including more on life after college—or schedule an appointment with any of the people above today!