Hiatt Career Center

Tackle Your Next Video Interview

two people video interviewing

You’ve submitted your resume. 

Had the first screening phone call with human resources.

Now, it’s time to meet the team. Only, it’s through video and the need to be “on” is more important than ever. 

In-person and virtual interviews are relatively the same and preparing for both shouldn’t be any different. Aside from brushing up on your knowledge about the organization, practicing the answers to typical questions and finding a clean shirt to wear; it’s vital to take a professional approach and attitude when getting ready to face the camera; literally. Here are some key tips to take into consideration for your next virtual interview.

Test your tech

Doing a test run with a friend or family member is key in ensuring that your connection and other video tools are running smoothly. The employer may also be using a technology that is different than what you are used to. Doing a run-through will help you prepare to navigate the system so you aren’t fumbling around during the interview day.

Find a good location

Your bedroom, a backlit window and your favorite movie poster won’t serve as good backgrounds for your interview. Take into account what is in the room around you and if anything will serve as a distraction for the interviewer.

Dress for success

Even though you are not meeting in person, you should look the part. You’ll also find yourself a lot more confident in work attire than you would be sitting in sweats.

Work on your eye contact

It can be tricky trying to toggle looking at your interviewer while talking into the camera. Be sure that when you are the one speaking that you look directly into the camera lens and not at yourself on the screen. 

Use body language

As the interview progresses, it is easy for your body to start to slouch and look less interested. Remember to stay engaged by sitting up straight, using positive facial expressions and SMILE!

Send a thank you

The same standards still apply here. Once you log off, start crafting your thank you note and be sure to send within 24 hours post-interview. 

You have the control of how you present yourself and the preparation you put into it. Be sure to practice, do a run-through and be confident. You can always schedule a mock interview with one of the counselors in Hiatt to help you prepare and ask questions.