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Who Likes to Network?!

Honestly, who likes to network? Often it pushes you out of your comfort zone and seems just like another thing to add to your career to-dos.

WE GET IT! But...we promise once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be. Even now, during a time where we seemingly have more opportunities to reflect on our career goals, more and more professionals are open to sharing their stories, experiences and dishing out advice.

student nervously chewing gum
Us, when someone says 'network.'
  • THIS IS HOW YOU GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE! (maybe a position opens up at their company, your name may come to mind)

Sounds pretty good, right? Here are a few easy ways (right from your couch) that you use to get started:

Connect with Brandeisians on LinkedIn (40,000+ of them)

Think there isn’t anyone out there that fits who you are and where you want to go? Think again because there are over 40,000 Brandeis alumni at your fingertips. An added bonus is that they are already part of the Brandeis community! Now you have your first introduction line; no awkwardness here! (Okay, if you still feel awkward, here’s some templates to help you)

Get started:
  1. Search for "Brandeis University" in the LinkedIn search bar
  2. Once on the page, select the "Alumni" tab on the left-hand side.
Additional LinkedIn Tips:
Master Your Skills

Networking is just like a muscle, you need to strengthen as well as flex it; often. To help hone these skills, we recommend participating in:

  • An appointment with Hiatt staff: ask questions, get advice and create a plan to start reaching out to contacts. We can walk you through the steps and help you navigate the process.
  • This virtual event: Our staff will be hosting an online session about networking virtually. Learn how to take advantage of our upcoming career programs like treks, employer sessions, panels and more and how to leverage those connections as professional relationships. Sign up here.
Get Active

Now that you’ve done some outreach, prepared and feel a little more confident; get involved in these upcoming networking-focused programs this winter. Events include: