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Hiatt After Hours Recap: Working From Home

A person sits on the floor working from home while their dog sits on the couch behind them

It's important to strike a balance between work and life at home, even if you are doing it all in sweatpants. Most of us have seemingly found ourselves tasked with working remotely almost immediately when COVID hit. At first, it may have sounded ideal; access to TV, time in your PJ’S and all the food in your cabinets; but think again. Establishing a professional work environment at home is crucial in being productive and overall successful. So wake up, take a shower and start planning because these tips will keep you accountable.

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The Basics

  • Avoid blending your personal with your professional life. Set aside time to work (and if possible, corral the kids for a bit).
  • Keep a regular schedule. Wake up, shower and get ready as you normally would. This helps to keep you accountable and on task.
  • Use a dedicated workspace. Find a spot in your home that's not the couch/your bed (with an appropriate backdrop for any video calls).


  • OVERcommunicate with your team and colleagues. Not only share what you are working on but your pain-points and stresses (we guarantee others feel the same!).
  • Have virtual coffee breaks. Face time is important and as you would in the office, have a chat with one of your colleagues. It's not fun feeling isolated all day!
  • Stay positive. Try to find the good in what you are doing. Maybe it's more time with family or an opportunity to reflect on what's next for you.

Avoid Burnout

  • Take a break and shut it down. Take a walk/lunch/exercise break and designate a time when you are logged off for the evening (screen burn is real!).
  • Save the binge for after hours. It's pretty tempting to want to stream shows while at home, but don't do it! Instead, add them to your list and save them for the end of the day.
    • Kristin's Pick: Tiger King
    • Jackie's Pick: Brooklyn Nine-Nine