ISSO Programs

The ISSO offers programs that enhance the American educational experience for our international students and scholars. The office also offers programs that help the campus community benefit from the presence of people from diverse cultures.

International Student Experience Project (inSTEP)

The International Student Experience Project (inSTEP) is a collaborative initiative between Brandeis University campus partners for the the holistic development of international undergraduate and international graduate students.

Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship Program (TWISP)

Established in 2018, the Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship Program (TWISP) at Brandeis University is committed to providing students from Japan with the opportunity to study at Brandeis University.

Wien International Scholarship Program (WISP)

The Wien International Scholarship Program (WISP) at Brandeis University, established in 1958, is a first-of-its kind program bringing students from every corner of the globe to campus and engaging the entire community to be active global citizens.

Host Programs

The ISSO currently coordinates two host programs: Open Doors Host Program for Incoming New International Students and the Thanksgiving Holiday Host Program for International Students.