Resume Round-Up: Adding in Virtual Skills and Experience

technology skills on resume

It’s April 2020 and the work environment has gone virtual! Now more than ever, employers are calling for applicants that are able to do virtual work and have the skillset to do so. Be a top contender by enhancing your resume to showcase the technical skills you have that are needed to work remotely.

Add: Tech Skills and Platforms

Technology is key for most roles but it is currently highly desired in remote work. Navigate down to the skills section of your resume and add in the technology and platforms that you use routinely (consider your experiences in courses, research, business, languages, laboratory work and fine arts). It’s also important to list relevant abilities in your cover letter and be prepared to expand upon those with examples during a networking conversation or interview.

Example Skills Section
Computers: Mac OS, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Creative Suite, web content management systems, HTML 
Social Media: Tumbler, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, HootSuite, Google Analytics

Add: Communication

Highlight and emphasize your communication skills within the bullets on your resume, in your cover letter or during interviews. In lieu of “good with people” or “excellent communication skills,” identify experiences where you have had to share clear and concise information with an audience. Think class projects, club leadership, internship work and more. 

Add: Teamwork & Relationship Building Experience

Remote teams rely on cohesion, trust and the ability to work well together. Consider times when you have built a sense of community, respected and responded to differing opinions and approaches, helped to create inclusive problem-solving strategies and supported others when problems arose.

Add: Organization & Time Management

Your organization and virtual team members will count on you to be organized, present your work in a timely way and juggle multiple or unexpected priorities. The skills you have developed in courses, extracurriculars, volunteerism and jobs, and internships have prepared you well to meet these challenges.

To Add: Career-Ready Skills

Looking for more skills to add to your resume? Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to new ones and hone the ones you are familiar with. Brandeis offers hundreds of free, online courses for you to learn job-readiness skills. Learn more and sign up!