Andor Spinning disk equpment

Andor Spinning Disk

The Andor Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope, located on the 5th floor of the Rosenstiel Center, is equipped with both spinning disk confocal and epifluorescence modes, as well as a Mosaic laser photobleaching /photoactivation device. The system is set up to maximize speed for sequential or simultaneous detection of multple fluorophores.  Located in the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center.

Marianas Spinning Disk in Bassine

Bassine Spinning Disk

Marianas Vivo upgrade. A second system is now located in Bassine room 109. The system is attached to a Zeiss Axio Examiner Z1 Advanced VIVO microscope. Motorized research grade fixed stage upright microscope stand with harmonic focusing drive,motorized 5-position filter cube turret, 2-position nosepiece, long working distance. Orca flash 4 and a Yokogawa CSU-22 Confocal Scanning Unit.  Located in Bassine Science building Rm 109.

Keyence Microscope

Keyence Microscope

Keyence BX-Z 710 is a Fluorescence Microscope that supports brightfield, phase contrast, oblique illumination, and fluorescence observation all within a single compact unit. The system can can automatically scan an entire slide or well and quickly stitch together an overall image.

Automatically maps out the viewing area for slides, dishes, and multi-well plates for easy navigation. All operations are easily controlled through the mouse by simply clicking the area on the map.

Located in the Bassine Science building  room 109.

Leica SP5 equipment

Leica SP5 Spectral Confocal Microscope

Leica SP5 Spectral Confocal Microscope / Resonant Scanner with 405 laser.   Fixed stage upright research microscope (Leica DM6000 CFS) with DIC. Translation stage with motorized x-y movement and separate scanning stage. Super Z Galvo stage and transmitted light detector.  Located in the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center.

Spinning disk in Rosenstiel building

3i Marianas Spinning Disk

3i Marianas Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope, is located on the forth floor of the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center. The system includes a fully motorized research microscope (Zeiss AxioObserver) X,Y Motorized Stage with harmonic focusing drive, motorized nosepiece,motorized filter cube turret, motorized condenser, computer controlled bright field optics, high-speed bright field shutter, and encoded x-y- stage, motorized document port selection, piezo controlled fine z- positioning, spherical aberration correction optics, 100W mercury fluorescence source, optimized light train, CoolSnap EZ 1392x1040 array with 6.45 micron pixels thermoelectric cooling camera, Quantum SC 512 camera, TMC vibration isolation system, SlideBook™ software for Marianas microscope. System also includes FRET/FRAP Photoablation micropoint system. Zeiss AxioObserver 25mm Brightfield Shutter, Zeiss DIC Option II and III. Includes Yokogawa CSU-X1 Confocal Head System.   Located in the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center.

Zeiss 880 FAS equipment

Zeiss LSM880 Airy Scan Fast Confocal System

Spectral detector 32 channels GaAsP PMT plus 2 channels MA-PMT    Airyscan SR module GaAsP for LSM. Axio Observer 7 SP stand for LSM 880 with DF2 objective turret Axio Observer 7 with motorized focus drive (min. step width 10 nm), path deflection to the tube, motorized 3-position optovar turret, objective turret 6x mot H DIC for Definite Focus.2, TFT touchscreen, Z-drive operation.

Located in the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center.

Zeiss LSM 880 equipment

Zeiss LSM 880

LSM880 2+1Ch: confocal microscope with 7 laser lines(405/458/488/514/561/594/633nm) and 3 detectors of which 1 a GaAsP detector (for green-yellow detection). GaAsP has highest sensitivity, however, you can also direct other spectra to this detector.  Located in Bassine Science building Rm 109.