Gaining Experience through On-Campus Employment

students working at job

There’s a lot to get involved in both on and off-campus, and extracurricular activities certainly look good on a resume. While you are looking to add more life experiences as well as make money, an on-campus job may be something you want to consider. Working on campus is a great way to gain experience, learn new skills, contribute to important projects, develop work relationships, meet new people in the Brandeis community and strengthen your professional profile

Getting started
With so many opportunities available in academic and administrative offices, research, student services, library and technology, residential life and tutoring, where do you begin?

Think about how your past experience – volunteering, leadership roles, summer or term-time jobs, internships, extracurricular's – match what you’ve done to potential opportunities.

Keep in mind your academic schedule, learning style, extracurricular activities and other responsibilities to make realistic and healthy choices about work commitments.

Resources for on-campus employment
On-campus positions are posted periodically throughout the academic year. The list below features where you can find openings and resources.

Ready to apply? Hiatt can help!
On Workday, you will be asked to upload a resume and potentially a cover letter for each position. Hiatt has resources and support to help you create a stellar application.