Google Groups

Google Groups is a feature of Google Apps that makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with groups of people — such as project teams, departments, office locations and special-interest groups.

A Group is like a mailing list because it contains the email addresses of its members and a unique email address which allows you to:
  • Send email to group members.
  • Invite group members to meetings.
  • Share your content with group members, including Google documents, sites and calendars.

Managing Google Groups

There are several options available to customize and manage a Google Group. Group owners and managers can assign membership rights and subscription types, specify email delivery options, manage message archive settings, change the visual appearance of a Group, and export and share a Group's member list.




Manage Group Settings (Google support article)

Google Groups Help Center


For assistance with creating a new Google Group, please contact the Help Desk at or 781-736-4357.