SACNAS Members

Maria Estevez
Maria Estevez '21


BA, psychology; BA, health: science, society and policy; minor concentration in Italian studies

Background: Honduran, First-generation college student

I am a senior currently working as an undergraduate research assistant at the Child and Adult Development lab. I joined SACNAS to be part of a community that helps POC and underrepresented people in STEM and forward their learning while achieving their goals. For fun, I like to bake, play the guitar and go on walks with my dog.

Isaac Paddy
Issac Paddy '22

Vice President

BS, chemistry

Background: Black/African American 

I am a third-year chemistry major working as an undergraduate researcher in the Pandelia lab studying metalloenzymes. I joined SACNAS to eliminate the disparities in the sciences at Brandeis, and the rest of the world. I want SACNAS to be a community that fosters those who are underrepresented in the sciences and help support them achieve their personal and professional goals. For fun, I like to read, dance and watch rom-coms! 

Susan Garcia
Susan Garcia '22


BS, biology; BS, chemistry

Background: Guatemalan, first-generation college student

I am a third year currently working as an undergraduate researcher in the Bisson lab studying Archaea. I joined SACNAS because of the impact it will make to those underrepresented in the STEM field. For fun, I like to try new cuisines, hang out with my friends and watch TV shows!

Daphne Ballesteros
Daphne Ballesteros '24

Publicity Coordinator

BA, psychology; BA women’s, gender & sexuality studies; minor concentration in Latin American and Latino studies

Background: Honduran-Ecuadorian, first-generation college student 

I am a first-year planning to become a therapist with a focus on Latinx clientele to help diversify the field of psychotherapy. I joined SACNAS to find community at Brandeis in the STEM community and to meet more POC. I enjoy baking, doing makeup and "Avatar the Last Airbender."

Diego Robles
Diego Robles '24


BS, biology; pre-medical track

Background: Honduran-Puerto Rican, first-generation college student

I am a first year with the hopes of contributing to the medical community by helping aid underrepresented minority groups My mission in life is to help people who may not have accessible resources to live happy and healthy lives. This among many other reasons is why I chose to be apart of SACNAS. In sharing the same core moral aspirations, I hope to aid in fostering a successful and inclusive college experience for students who may not otherwise be afforded such opportunities. I love singing, acting and science, so if anyone is in need of a friend I am always right here!

 Fox Baudelaire
Fox Baudelaire '20
Alumni Profile
Pronouns: he/him/his

Alumni Representative

BS, biological physics; BS, chemistry; minor concentration in philosophy

Background: Hispanic, first-generation college student, lower income (FLI)

Events Coordinator, Spring 2020

I am a recent graduate with primary research interests in structural biology and biochemistry. I worked as a research assistant with the physics department and held a summer fellowship with the Brandeis Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Previously, I graduated from Bunker Hill Community College, completed a Bridges to the Baccalaureate NIH program, and worked as a bookseller.

My involvement with SACNAS at Brandeis began as an extension of my position as a lead UDR in order to recognize unique challenges faced by people of color and other groups underrepresented in STEM. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was approved to join the Peace Corps in a position to teach chemistry and biology to high school students in Mozambique.

Faria Afreen
Faria Afreen '20 

Undergraduate Liaison

BS/MS biology; BS, neuroscience, minor concentration in chemistry

Background: Bangladeshi, first-generation college student, low income (FLI)

Vice president, 2019-20

I am entering my last semester at Brandeis this fall and am doing research at the Haber Lab studying DNA repair. I am passionate about equity in science education. I joined SACNAS to help foster a science community where students feel supported and  understood as a scientist and as a person.  Outside of the lab, I bake and bike a lot. You can follow my experiments in the kitchen on Instagram @fariatatouille

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