Echo360 logoThe Echo360 video platform is available to faculty, staff and students to host, manage and record academic media content.

Key Features

  • Manage, store, and share digital media content
  • Manage and store your Zoom recordings, which will be copied to your Echo360 library automatically.
  • Automatically record lectures or class sessions in equipped campus classrooms.
  • Record presentations from your computer with Echo360's Universal Capture software.<
  • Automatic transcriptions of all video content hosted on Echo360 and access to Echo360's built-in transcript editing tool.
  • Edit your videos with Echo360's built-in editing tool, allowing users to trim the beginning and end of a video, as well as chop sections out of the middle.
  • Embed polls directly into a video.

  • View analytics to see individual and overall student engagement.
  • Post videos directly to LATTE quickly and easily using the Echo360/LATTE integration.



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Getting Started

LATTE and Zoom Integrations

Universal Capture Recording Software