Network Storage

ITS provides network storage to individuals and departments across the university. This storage is a community resource, and this policy is intended to ensure equitable usage of this shared commodity.

Individuals are asked to place all personal files into their personal storage area, referred to as their "unet home directory."

You may store departmental data on ITS provided storage, subject to the following conditions:

  • You do not use network storage as a backup for desktop computers.
  • You do not store audio, image or video media files. If there is a compelling business need, these files can be stored, but ITS would need to be notified of the business need to store such files.
  • You do not duplicate data. If you need a point-in-time snapshot of a directory for archival purposes, write that archival data to removable media (e.g., CDs, DVDs).
  • You do not store cd images or program installers. If the software is freely available, please download it from the internet as needed. If it is university-licensed software, please contact ITS regarding storing the installer.

ITS regularly audits usage of network storage and will contact individuals and departments as needed to remediate issues pertaining to community storage.