Guest Wireless

Welcome to Brandeis! If you are visiting Brandeis from another institution, you'll use your home institution's username and password to connect to eduroam at Brandeis. Please contact your home institution for help or support, and to obtain setup instructions particular to your institution.

Guests (non-eduroam) who would like to use the Brandeis Guest Wireless Network must be sponsored by a member of the Brandeis community. Visitors can register to use guest wireless by providing a Brandeis email for sponsor approval or by using the password provided to your group.

Individual Guests

Individuals who select Brandeis_Open are prompted to complete a guest registration form and specify a sponsor email to initiate approval. For additional information about connecting to the Brandeis Guest Wireless, please refer to the step-by-step instructions below. 

Connecting to Guest Wireless for Individual Visitors

Groups and Events

Groups are eligible for a temporary group account that allows them to bypass sponsorship using a password. The networks team will create the temporary account in advance to be activated at a specified time and closed at the event’s end. The account should be associated with a representative from the requesting department who can be contacted during the event. 

If you are hosting a group that needs access to the guest wireless, please get in touch with the Help Desk two weeks in advance to provide a brief description of the event, the event date, and its duration by emailing or calling 781-736-4357.

Wireless Instructions for Groups and Events