IT Governance

Brandeis University’s information technology (IT) governance structure includes committees, processes, and communications aimed at ensuring IT-related decisions and investments effectively support institutional objectives and priorities. 


An effective IT governance framework improves the transparency of IT spending, clarifies decision-making boundaries and accountabilities, provides strategic direction of IT, and ensures that there is adequate IT capability and infrastructure to support University needs.

Governance Structure

Brandeis IT Governance is comprised of four advisory committees that guide the University’s technology decision making.Brandeis IT Governance Structure

Technology Prioritization Council

The Technology Prioritization Council (TPC) serves as the parent to the four technology advisory committees. TPC validates the direction, resolves escalated issues, and provides approval and prioritization of projects requested by community members.

Workday Production Advisory Committee 

Provides oversight and direction for Workday Production, approving and prioritizing changes stemming from needs across campus. These may include changes to business processes, system configuration, and security/roles, as well as changes stemming from Workday product releases.

Workday Student Advisory Committee

Provides oversight, direction, and decision-making for the Workday Student implementation, reviewing and providing input on items such as the project plan, business processes and workflow, risk assessment, community readiness, training strategy, and policy recommendations.

Academic Technology Advisory Committee

LATTE Subcommitee

The Subcommittee reports to the parent Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC).

Research Computing Subcommitee

The Subcommittee reports to the parent Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC).

IT Strategic Advisory Committee

Reviews, evaluates, and makes approval recommendations regarding IT proposals, priorities, policies, and technology investments in support of University objectives.