Brandeis ITS Security utilizes Spirion (formerly known as Identity Finder) to detect instances of personally identifiable information (PII), such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers, on university-owned computers.

Importance of Spirion

In the event a computer containing PII is lost or stolen, Brandeis would be subject to laws governing data breaches. To limit financial and reputational risk, Brandeis ITS employs technologies to limit the use of PII on computers. Spirion is one of several protections we have in place in case of such an event.

How Spirion Works

  • Every Thursday morning, Spirion scans your computer for personally identifiable information.

  • If the scan for PII returns any results, an email with the location of these files is sent to employee using the computer to remove these files if possible. 

    • If you need the files: please move them to Box (https://brandeis.box.com).

    • If you do not need the files: please delete them and then empty your Trash or Recycle Bin.

Getting Spirion

  • Spirion is licensed for Brandeis-issued computers and should come pre-installed on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop.

    • If you don't see it installed, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

    • If you use a Mac, double-check the Self-Service dock icon, as you may be able to download the software directly from there.