ITS Change Window Policy

1.0. Objective

The objective of Brandeis University (“University”) Information Technology Services (“ITS”) in the development and implementation of this policy is to create effective administrative controls and safeguards for the protection of production IT services during the scheduling of change events.

2.0. Purpose

The purpose of the Change Window Policy is to ensure proper notification and coordination between ITS and the Brandeis Community in the scheduling and execution of changes to production IT services.

3.0. Scope

This Policy applies to all Brandeis University ITS employees, whether full- or part-time, including administrative staff, union staff, contract and temporary workers, hired consultants, interns, and student employees executing changes to production ITS services or other Brandeis University services where ITS assistance is required.

4.0 Definitions

Change Window

A predetermined period of time during which ITS can reasonably perform proactive maintenance and improvements to the IT environment.

Production Services

A controlled environment containing live configuration items used to deliver IT services to customers.

5.0 Policy

5.1 Scheduling of Changes

Any changes to production services shall,

5.2  Length of Changes

Any change window shall have sufficient time to support:

5.3 Notifications

ITS adheres to the University's Broadcast Email Procedures on minimizing the number of announcements that are sent to the entire Brandeis Community. Therefore, scheduled change notifications should be sent to change stakeholders (including users of a particular system, the Help Desk, and/or other supporting parties as appropriate, etc.) through targeted emails. In instances where the entire Brandeis Community will be affected, the University's Broadcast Email Procedures should be followed accordingly.

Notifications prior to change windows consists of:

Notifications immediately prior to start of change:

Notifications after change windows consists of:

6.0 Emergency Changes

In the event that an emergency change is required to a production service, portions of the Change Window Policy maybe circumvented with the approval from one of the following:

James La Creta
Chief Information Officer          

David Albrecht
Director for Networks & Systems

Peter Nash
Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services

7.0 Revision History







David Albrecht, Director for Networks, Systems & Security 

Lucy Xie, Department Coordinator

Policy was approved by Jim La Creta, CIO on 01/16/2018.