Duo Mobile App - Redesigned User Interface

Oct. 11

Starting Oct. 11, Duo Mobile is getting a new user interface. Duo Mobile is used for two-factor authentication to protect your Brandeis account. Duo has designed the changes to make the login experience better by updating the position of the "approve"/ "deny" buttons so that "approve" is on the right, a more natural location; and to improve the accessibility of the app. There is no change to the core functionality of Duo Mobile (e.g., receiving Duo Push, using passcodes, or managing accounts). All of your accounts will continue to be present after the update. 

No action is required on your part. If you have enabled automatic app updates on your device, Duo Mobile will update automatically (iOS: Oct. 11-18; Android: Oct. 11-15). You can also manually update Duo Mobile by visiting the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Visit the ITS website to view additional information about the upcoming change including a preview of the redesigned interface. For questions, contact the Technology Help Desk at or 781-736-4357.

Saving a Brandesian Hawk: An Unexpected Rescue

October 7, 2021

It’s likely that many of you have seen a hawk soaring overhead - their wings spread as they glide through the sky. It’s less likely to see the majestic raptor up close and perched atop your car and taking up residence behind Goldfarb Library. Last month, many staff from ITS and the Library had this very experience as they gently tried to nudge the bird off their vehicles and to take to the skies. The seemingly uninjured hawk’s presence lingered from one day to the next and its unusual behavior prompted staffers to seek help.

Carroll Hardin, Sr. Desktop Systems Specialist in ITS, and avid animal lover shares her story of the unexpected rescue and how the AnimalHelpNow mobile app put wildlife assistance, literally, in the palm of her hands. Read the full story, view photos of the hawk’s journey from library stacks to a treatment facility, and learn more about how you can help a feathered or furry campus visitor.

Zoom Desktop Client - Required Update Nov. 1

October 7, 2021

Starting Monday, Nov. 1, users who have not updated their Zoom desktop client in the last 9 months, will be required to update the application. The update process doesn’t take very long, but can be an inconvenience if the forced update occurs when you’re about to start a meeting. You can avoid running into the forced update by periodically ensuring that your Zoom client is running the latest version which will give you access to all of the latest features and security enhancements. Please visit the Zoom support page for detailed instructions on how to update your Zoom application or refer to the following summary: open the Zoom desktop client on your computer, click on your initials in the top right corner of the application, then select “check for updates”. For questions or assistance, contact the Technology Help Desk at

Workday Mobile App - Supported Versions

October 7, 2021

The Workday@Brandeis team would like to inform the community that Workday has announced requirements for minimum operating systems as follows:

  • Apple iOS - starting Oct. 25, the mobile app will only be supported on iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 14 and higher. Future updates and support will no longer be available for iOS13 or lower.

  • Google Android OS - effective Aug. 30, the mobile app will only support devices with Android 7.0 or higher. Future updates and support will no longer be available for Android 6.0 or lower.

We recommend checking the version on your smartphone or tablets and updating to a supported operating system. For detailed instructions, visit the Apple or Google support articles on how to update iOS on iPhone or check and update your Android, respectively. For assistance, contact the Technology Help Desk at

Security Awareness Webinar - How to Identify Phishing Emails

Oct. 28
11:00 a.m. - noon

Interested in learning more about how to protect yourself from phishing attacks? Join the ITS Security team for a security awareness webinar on Thursday, Oct. 28 from 11:00 a.m to noon. The session will provide an overview of social engineering, highlight how to spot phishing messages designed to get your personal data, and talk about the potential consequences of these cyber attacks. The event coincides with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Learn simple tips and tricks on how to #FightThePhish and how to maintain a secure computing environment for yourself and the university. Register to attend the upcoming webinar. Please send any questions you have ahead of time to

Visit the ITS website for more security tips and tricks and helpful resources including how to create secure passwords or staying digitally safe. For more information about security awareness, contact the ITS Security team at

Learning Management System Assessment - Update

October 7, 2021

The learning management system (LMS) assessment announced over the summer is progressing on schedule. Members of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) approved the search process and selection of an external consulting firm, SharperPoint Consulting Group LLC, to conduct the assessment. The project is underway and will consist of interviews, listening sessions, an evaluation of the LMS landscape at peer institutions, a financial analysis, and a support model review.

The project team has begun scheduling interviews with faculty, staff and students and is reviewing system data and documentation. Two campus listening sessions – open to the entire Brandeis community – are scheduled for early November. Please join the team to share your feedback about LATTE.

Workday@Brandeis Resources

September 23, 2021

Whether you’re new to Workday or interested in a refresher - check out the Workday HR/Finance Training Activity Guide which outlines resources available for completing common tasks or functions in Workday. Several examples include “I am…” a staff or faculty member who manages staff; a staff or faculty member who manages budgets and runs financial reports; a staff or faculty member who manages staff with links to step-by-step job aids or self-paced, online training.  

You can also stop by the virtual Workday Office Hours to get one-on-one assistance with using Workday. September schedule: Tuesdays from 2- 3 p.m. and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Visit the Workday@Brandeis website to view the complete library of resources for HR/Finance and employee self-service or Student including job aids, instructional videos, and FAQs. Please submit suggestions for Workday training topics using the Workday Training Suggestion Form. For questions, please contact

Help Desk - Fall 2021 Schedule


The Technology Help Desk is excited to announce they will be resuming in-person support for all tech-related issues - you can find the team of technology support specialists at the back of Goldfarb Library, Level 1. The Help Desk staff is committed to providing high-level technology support and service to the Brandeis community this fall. The team will continue to adhere to university and health guidelines to ensure the safety of both the team and the community. 

Starting the week of Aug. 23, the Technology Help Desk will re-open for walk-up support. Hours are as follows:

  • Weekday (Monday through Friday): on-site and phone support 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Weekend (Saturday, Sunday): on-site and phone support from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. 

Community members can continue to get remote support by submit a help request, sending an email to, or calling 781-736-4357. For more information, please visit the ITS website.

Sponsored Accounts - Change to Contingent Worker Accounts

October 19, 2021

Effective Oct. 13,  the Brandeis Sponsored Accounts system will be retired and replaced with Contingent Worker accounts in Workday. As of Oct. 13, the ability to create new Sponsored Accounts will be disabled. If you previously created sponsored accounts for individuals who do not qualify for another account type, please request a Contingent Worker Account. Sponsored Accounts created prior to Oct. 13, 2021, will continue to function as expected. Starting Oct. 13, all existing Sponsored Accounts will be converted to a Contingent Worker account and will maintain the same expiration date. ITS will be contacting individuals who currently serve as a sponsor with additional information and instructions on how to review the sponsored account.

Please visit the ITS website to learn more about this project including the difference between Sponsored Accounts and Contingent Worker accounts. For questions, please contact Jonathan Estwing.

Workday - New and Improved Features

September 9, 2021

On Sept. 11 Workday will be upgraded to a new version. The system will be unavailable on Saturday from 2:00 - 6:00 a.m. while the system is updated with new and improved features that improve accessibility and overall user experience. Here is some helpful information to prepare you for the upcoming changes. The Search field has moved – it will appear centered at the top of the screen (previously on the top left). You can also choose to search by “people” or “tasks and reports” to narrow down your search results. There’s also a new way to view and select report prompts. After searching for and selecting a report (using the blue hyperlink), the prompts menu will now appear as a separate dialog window. Rather than being directed to a new page, you will stay within the current screen to set up parameters for the report. You can enter or select prompt(s) then select the ‘Ok’ button to run the report. 

Visit the Workday@Brandeis website to view details of these changes and resources for HR/Finance and Student. For questions, please contact

LATTE - New Features

August 26, 2021

LATTE, the university learning management system, was recently upgraded to increase responsiveness, performance, and accessibility and to ensure reliability and stability. In addition, here are highlights of some new functions:
  • A new activity/resource menu allows for "starring" frequently used activities, sorting activities and resources by type, and viewing recommended options.
  • Discussion forums can now be graded using new settings in the activity configuration.
  • Discussion forums now have a summary report that can be exported based on selected forums and students.
  • Instructors can download all course content from their course shell, including student shared files such as assignment submissions and content uploaded into discussion forums.
For questions about the upgrade, please contact the Help Desk ( or 781-736-4357). Contact the Library team with questions about best practices for using LATTE tools and other instructional technologies, such as VoiceThread and Perusall.

Adobe Creative Cloud - New Process

September 1, 2021

ITS would like to inform the community that effective Sept. 1, there is a change in the process for accessing the university license to Adobe-related products including Adobe Acrobat DC (professional). Users will need to download, install and log in to the Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) application on their computer in order to continue using Adobe products. ACC is a suite of applications that includes Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign which supports creation tools for graphic design, photography, video content and editing, and much more. ACC is available for free to faculty and staff; students can purchase directly from the Adobe website. Faculty and staff who use Adobe products should visit the Adobe Creative Cloud website to download and install the desktop application. From there, users can select the specific application(s) to install on their computer. Users can install ACC on up to two computers, including a personal computer.

Visit the ITS website for detailed instructions on downloading and installing ACC (for both Mac and Windows). If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at or (781) 736-4357.

Workday Student - Resources for Faculty

Workday Student is here! To help you navigate the transition from Sage to Workday, please refer to the following resources: Contact the support team by emailing or calling 781-736-4357.

Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) Classroom Technology Demonstrations

Aug 17-24

What is a HyFlex classroom? MTS has upgraded over 70 classrooms across campus to allow for HyFlex teaching and learning, allowing students or faculty to fully participate in classes, regardless of their physical location. From Aug. 17 through 24, join MTS for a demo of the new HyFlex classroom technology (i.e., microphones, webcams) to learn how this new equipment integrates with  Zoom or Echo360 for HyFlex teaching. A variety of classrooms have been selected for the demonstrations to cover the different classroom sizes and styles available across the Brandeis campus. Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend the 60-minute session and have the option of joining in person or remotely. Learn more about Brandeis HyFlex Classrooms and sign-up for a demonstration. For questions, please contact

Brandeis Mailing Lists - Moving to Google Groups

Mailing lists play a crucial role in day-to-day operations at Brandeis, so it’s important that we use a service that’s modern, secure, reliable and dynamic. Beginning Aug.15, any new mailing lists should be created using Google Groups. Due to an outdated platform and security risks, ITS will be deprecating the aging Brandeis mailing list service ( and transition to Google Groups over the course of the fall semester. There is no impact to existing mailing lists at this time, but ITS strongly recommends that lists owners and administrators review their lists to ensure the membership is up to date and to delete any lists that are no longer needed.  ITS will be sharing more information in the upcoming months about the transition including migration of existing lists to Google Groups and schedule of activities. Visit the ITS website for more information about creating a Google Group. For questions about the upcoming change, please contact

In addition, the University is evaluating additional efficient ways for community members to build lists based on selected criteria. These dynamic lists would remain current with our community populations in Workday. We will keep you posted on this initiative throughout the fall.

University Salesforce Needs Assessment

Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, with integrated products that are used for marketing, communications, event management, document management, and commerce. A Salesforce solution, UC Innovation’s ascend application is being implemented for Institutional Advancement, along with additional products including Linvio, Conga, Pardot, and CRM Tableau. 

Brandeis has engaged Accenture to perform a University Salesforce Needs Assessment to help us understand the potential for additional Salesforce solutions across campus. Accenture will analyze our systems and their integrations, and they will lead a series of interviews and workshops with stakeholders across campus to uncover and prioritize additional implementation opportunities. The Needs Assessment will take place throughout August and September, with results presented to the IT Advisory Committee (ITAC). ITAC members will review the outputs from the assessment and make recommendations to the Technology Prioritization Committee (TPC) by the end of the calendar year. For more information or questions, please contact Anne Marando.

Google Drive Security Update

Eff. Sept. 13

Google will be applying a security update to Google Drive that makes sharing links more secure. The update will change links (URLs) used for some Drive files shared in 2017 and prior - specifically, it will add a random resource key when sharing Google Drive files. This is similar to the random password added to a Zoom meeting link.

Between July 26 and August 25, Brandeis users who own or manage files impacted by this security update will receive a notification directly from Google. The email will provide instructions on steps to take and will include a link to view a list of impacted files you own or manage in Google Drive. Users will be able to apply or remove the security update for each file or via bulk action. When file links are updated, collaborators for a shared file may receive new file access requests.

Effective Monday, Sept. 13, Google will begin enforcing the security update. Please note that this change, including the timing, is driven by Google. To avoid broken links, users should update Google Drive links on their websites and shared resources before Sept. 13. Visit the ITS website to see a preview of the Google email, guidelines from the Security Office for applying the update, and helpful FAQs. For questions, please contact

Learning Management System Assessment

June 3, 2021

Learning and Teaching Technology Environment (LATTE), our Moodle-based learning platform, is the university’s learning management system (LMS). In order to ensure the system meets the needs of the Brandeis community, the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) is sponsoring an assessment of the LMS which will be conducted by an external firm and involve a large cross-section of our community.  

During the summer months, ATAC members will evaluate and identify a consulting firm that will be engaged to complete the assessment during the fall semester. The assessment will consist of interviews and workshops with faculty, students and staff. Topics would include but not limited to: the effectiveness of the current university LMS, current and future needs of LMS functionality, LMS best practices of functionality and usage and support models among peer institutions.

While the assessment is not an exercise to replace Moodle/LATTE, it is an overall assessment of the functional, technical and financial aspects of the system which will inform the strategic planning of the university’s LMS. ATAC members will review the outputs from the assessment and make recommendations to the Technology Prioritization Committee by the end of the year. 

Additional information will be provided in the upcoming weeks. For questions, please contact Jonathan Estwing (Sr. Project Manager, Information Technology Services).

LastPass Password Manager

One password to remember them all!

Are you overwhelmed by having 1,234 different passwords or creating and remembering them for each of your online accounts? Did you know that 81% of security breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords? ITS is excited to offer LastPass, a password management tool to the Brandeis community. LastPass is a secure way to store and manage your login info for your online accounts. You can also easily create a strong, unique password for every online account to improve your online security. All you need to remember is a single (master) password, so when you visit websites, LastPass can automatically fill in your credentials for you.  Learn more and enroll today.