Slate is an enrollment management CRM for managing relationships with prospects and applicants, facilitating application management and review, automating and personalizing communications, organizing and hosting events, and collecting and processing payments of application or registration fees.

Who Can Use Slate?

Faculty/staff in the various schools, departments, centers, programs, institutes, or other administrative entities.

What Can We Do with Slate?

  • Contact Management: Tracking of contact information, associated fields, or touch points.

  • Online Application: Creation of an online application and associated processes. The online application comprises various pages where information is collected or uploaded and then submitted for consideration.

  • Forms: Online forms that can be used to collect information, with optional automated email communications.

  • Events: Online event registration forms with optional attendance tracking and automated email communications.

  • Online Reading: Review of application and materials. This process includes reviewing applications, materials submitted as part of an application, and also providing ratings, comments, or recommendations about applications through a review form.
  • Communications/Mailings/Letters: Sending of emails, letters, or text messages.

  • Reporting and Queries: Creation of custom reports and queries to analyze data and/or export data to Excel or other file formats.

  • Payment Processing: Secure PCI-compliant processing of application fees, deposits, or registration fees.