Data Governance

A data governance program provides an organized framework (i.e., policies, procedures, guidelines, roles/responsibilities) for how people behave and make decisions about data.


Key Components

Data Governance Program Roles

Council of Data Trustees Members, 2021

Brandeis Domain Data Trustee Title Data Trustee
Applicants, Undergraduate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jennifer Walker
Applicants, Graduate Director of Institutional Research Haley Rosenfeld
Campus Operations Vice President for Campus Planning and Operations Lois Stanley
Employees Vice President of Human Resources Robin Switzer
Faculty Director of Institutional Research

Haley Rosenfeld

Mitchell Albury

Finance Chief Financial Officer Sam Solomon
Information Technology Chief Information Officer Jim La Creta
Institutional Advancement

Vice President for Administration and Operations

Vice President of Development

Elizabeth Crabtree

Hannah Peters

Legal Affairs General Counsel Steve Locke
Library University Librarian Matthew Sheehy
Research Administration Vice Provost for Research Irv Epstein
Student Academics

Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

University Registrar

Kim Godsoe

Mark Hewitt

Student Administration Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services Sherri Avery
Student Life Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement and Campus Life Shelby Harris
ex officio members
Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing, and External Relations Dan Kim
Chief Diversity Officer Mark Brimhall-Vargas
Dean, Brandeis International Business School Katy Graddy
Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services Anne Marando
Director, Data and Systems Integration Ian Rifkin