About IT Governance

The Information Technology (IT) Governance Program, established in 2020 under the sponsorship of executive leaders, provides a structure for the community to become more engaged in technology decisions while increasing transparency and efficiency.

Guiding Principles

  • IT Governance's goal is to provide a structure so that the appropriate Brandeis stakeholders drive IT-related decisions.

  • IT Governance is a valued process at Brandeis, supported by the Executive Sponsors and is a critical part of the successful implementation of IT.

  • IT Governance, to be effective, requires that the community understands when and how to engage in the IT governance processes.

  • IT Governance structures and workflows have to be flexible to ensure they align with Brandeis needs.

Committee Engagement

Brandeis IT Governance is comprised of several advisory committees that guide the university's technology decision-making.

  • Committee members provide input to ensure that decisions are being made in the best interest of Brandeis as a whole.

  • Community members engage in the process and understand their key role in IT decision-making.

  • Committee members advocate for IT Governance and assist in communicating its purpose and decisions.

  • Committee members will provide feedback and recommendations for how to improve processes.

Relationships Across Committees

visual representation of relationships across governance committees