Information Technology Services

Servers & Infrastructure


ITS provides the underlying technological infrastructure to support the first-rate education and groundbreaking research that takes place at Brandeis via a myriad of hardware and software solutions including everything from your Brandeis account to wireless access to desktop computing, video conferencing, and more.

Server Administration

The virtual Server Administration service for Windows or Red Hat Linux provides Operating System management on top of a highly available, redundant, clustered virtual environment to host virtual servers.  Also included are initial OS setup, monitoring (8x5 or 24X7), regular patching, backups, and operating system support.


  • OS Level Patches automatically applied quarterly ensuring services are fully up to date, reducing security risks, etc. 
  • Automated System backups and on-demand recovery within a 30 day window.  Including offsite replication
  • Application administrators can manage their application, without worrying about the OS.
  • Shared responsibility model

Environments (Prod/ non-prod)

  • Patching, testing, etc must be performed on non-prod environments prior to production.  If no pre-prod environments exist we will create one for you.
  • Non-prod not monitored


  • OS Level Monitoring (including proactive disk space alerting)
  • Optional application monitoring (alerts go to app admin/owner)


  • OS / Application patches will be automatically applied on a monthly/quarterly basis.
  • Servers will be provisioned with a scheduled end date. 

Client Responsibilities:

  • Software licenses for applications must be provided to Brandeis ITS
  • The client is responsible for all application support, configuring, documentation and coordination of vendor support.

Files Sharing

Box is the preferred Brandeis means of file storage and is strongly recommended for storing and sharing private, confidential, or personally identifiable information (including FERPA data).

The file sharing service ( offers centralized storage via dedicated storage platforms with built-in resilience, snapshots and replication. Departmental file shares offer a secure, centralized location to store departmental files.  Can be accessed via traditional on campus or VPN connectivity.

File share data can be recovered immediately from local snapshots for up to 30 days, and can be recovered by ITS for up to 60 days from offsite replicas.

People Web Server

Deprecated - Web server for the publication of personal web pages