Information Technology Services

Servers & Infrastructure


ITS provides the underlying technological infrastructure to support the first-rate education and groundbreaking research that takes place at Brandeis via a myriad of hardware and software solutions including everything from your Brandeis account to wireless access to desktop computing, video conferencing, and more.

Server Administration

Brandeis Infrastructure Services offers administration of a Windows or Linux server that is housed in a Brandeis facility.  Brandeis provides server administration for Windows or Red Hat operating systems only (other restrictions apply). All systems will be provisioned as virtual by default.

Members of the Brandeis Systems Group will perform system administration activities, including the following:

  • Installation of upgrades to the operating system, including scheduling the timely application of critical and non-critical service packs and patches
  • Rebuilding of the operating system and restoration of data in the event of hardware failure or security breach
  • Data protection via snapshots and/or backups
  • Monitoring of system storage, utilization, performance, and availability. Notification to the client regarding issues affecting performance.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Software licenses for applications must be provided to Brandeis ITS
  • The client is responsible for all application support, configuring, documentation and coordination of vendor support. Servers

A network share (also known as a network drive) is space on a server that is accessible over the network. School and support units centrally provided network shares (e.g. on \\ are accessible in many ways, outlined below. If you are the head of a department and need a new share, you may request a departmental network share.

Learn how to connect to a network share

People Web Server

General purpose web server for the publication of personal web pages (deprecated)