Media (Image/Video)

Images and videos can be embedded on your website using the Media (Image/Video) content type.

Videos should be embedded with this content type only, not by embedding code in the WYSIWYG editor, to ensure that the video is responsive. Images can be added in other content types that have a field where you can insert an image or embedded inline with text in a WYSIWYG editor. 

(See a sample of an embedded video on the bottom of this page. Below that, see an sample of an image carousel.)

  1. Find the page where you want to add the image or video and click Edit.
  2. In the Content editor, select the Media (Image/Video) radio button.
  3. Select whether you will have a single image or whether you will utilize a carousel (for multiple images or videos).
  4. Expand Content > Media (Image/Video).
  5. Determine whether you want your image/video to be small or large. The large layout enables you to overlay the caption on the video or image.
    Use these fields to embed a video on your webpage.
  6. Select an image you have already uploaded to the CMS. If you are adding a video, this static image will be what displays on the page along with a play icon. (Required)
  7. Enter the alt text for the image, describing the image or video. (Required)
  8. If you are adding a video, enter the URL for the video. This URL can be from YouTube, Vimeo, or Brightcove. You must use the full URL, not one shortened for social sharing.

    If your YouTube URL contains a &, delete the & and any characters after it. For example, use instead of

    For Ensemble videos, you must enter the long URL found within the embed code (for example, use
  9. Link to an HTML file containing a transcript of your video. Recommended for all videos for accessibility. More information and instructions.
  10. Add a title and a caption for the image/video.
  11. Add a photo credit, if necessary.

If you choose to use a carousel, fill in the next slide. You can use images or videos in a carousel interchangeably.

  • Ron Liebowitz at his inauguration

    Sample caption overlaid on video

    • Sample carousel image

      Sample of large media image with caption, as part of a carousel. Swipe or click the arrow to advance to the next image.

    • Sample carousel image 2

      Sample of large media image with caption, as part of a carousel. Swipe or click the arrow to go back to the previous image.