Important Dates

These are the important dates for a May 2019 graduation:

Date Action
October 22 Project proposal due with bibliography
November 1 – December 12 Secure an adviser
November 30 Complete literature review on thesis topic
December 5 – January 7 Enroll in GS 204a with adviser
December 19 – January 14 Winter Break
January 11 First installment due (introduction, methods, literature review)
February 15 Second installment due
March 1 Deadline for Degree Application (for May graduation)
March 1 Third installment due
March 26 Final draft to adviser (sign Certificate of Thesis Accept. Form)
April 9 Final draft to GS Director (sign Certificate of Thesis Accept. Form)
April 12 Deadline for submitting Certification of Thesis Acceptance form to GSAS
April 15 Deadline for electronic thesis deposit to GSAS
April 30 Adviser submits GS204b grade with comments to Global Studies Director
May 6 Final grades due for graduating students
May 19 May degrees conferred at Commencement
More information about key dates for February 2019, May 2019, and August 2019 graduation are available in the GSAS Quick Guide for Master's Thesis Submission.