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Engaging the Brandeis Community in IT Governance

The Information Technology (IT) Governance Program, established in 2020 under the sponsorship of executive leaders, provides a structure for the community to become more engaged in technology decisions while increasing transparency and efficiency.

We are excited to share a new IT Governance Community Outreach initiative beginning in 2023 — to better engage the community in the IT Governance Program. The outreach initiative, led by Steve Knowles, will provide students, faculty, and staff with the knowledge they need to stay informed about IT Governance through newly established channels and directly engage in governance with various academic, administrative, and operational technology committees.

As Director of Strategic Outreach & Engagement for ITS, Steve’s mission is to provide support and guidance for all members of the Brandeis community while engaging with IT Governance groups.

Registration for IT Governance Communication Groups is now Open!

Please visit IT Governance Communications to register for new created communication groups and to receive timely updates by email. 

IT Governance Spotlight Series — Coming Soon

The IT Governance Program will begin a monthly spotlight series for selected governance groups beginning January 2023.  Each spotlight will include committee goals, membership, and current priorities. 

Look for information on the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) to begin the series.