Windows 11 Upgrade

An upgrade to Windows 11 was prematurely pushed to some Brandeis PCs on March 27, 2024, during routine Microsoft Windows System maintenance. ITS has taken steps to prevent additional PCs from being impacted by the forced update, but it was not possible to roll it back on machines that received Windows 11 at that time. 

  • The March 27, 2024 update impacted Brandeis PCs running Windows 10 only, not Windows 7 or computers already running Windows 11. 
  • If your computer received the Windows 11 update, you can defer it two or three times. Consider updating and rebooting at the end of the day so your update occurs after hours. 
  • Compatibility between Windows 10 and Windows 11 is very high, although there is a small risk of driver issues and incompatibility with other systems. 
  • Some computers may experience a Bitlocker lockout in particular situations requiring intervention. 
    • Examples of impacted hardware include Dell Optiplex 5000 and 5090 PCs with AMD video cards. 
    • Users with a second device can access the self-service portal at, and all users can contact the Help Desk for assistance. 

Summer 2024 Windows 11 Upgrade

Plans are in place for all domain PCs across campus to receive a Windows 11 update over the summer months.

  • If your computer offers the option to update, you can get a head start by manually requesting “Windows Update” to start the process.
  • During the update, your PC will be temporarily unavailable. 

If you have questions about Windows 11 or would like assistance in upgrading early, please contact the ITS Help Desk.