The Global Studies master's program at Brandeis University gives students both the breadth and the focus to work on the world's greatest challenges.

Master's Degree Program

Students and advisers work together to create a personalized concentration that reflects and expands upon the student's interests. Explore three potential course clusters:

Dynamic Faculty

Award-winning faculty from across disciplines bring their expertise to Global Studies. Their research cuts across geography, discipline, and approach to bring our students innovative scholarship and teaching in a variety of fields impacted by globalization. Our faculty members mentor and inspire, and prepare students for their next step in academia or their careers.

Beyond Brandeis

Our Global Studies master's program prepares students to be global thinkers in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. Critical skills gained through the program position our students for success, whether in a PhD or professional degree program across a variety of fields or for a wide range of careers.

Global studies students pursue international careers in the US or abroad by building upon skills such as functional expertise, language ability, or experience overseas. Careers are varied and may include working for the federal government, international service agencies, NGOs, multinational corporations, or teaching. The Center for Career and Professional Development at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers an array of services to help with students' next steps.