Setting Up & Using Duo

Faculty, staff and students are automatically enrolled in Duo two-factor authentication. You will be prompted to enroll in Duo when trying to log in to campus systems or services such as Google Mail, Workday or LATTE.

The following instructions guide you through the Duo enrollment and device set-up process. Please review the helpful Device Options to learn more about the various authentication method(s) for each type of device (e.g., smartphone, landline).

Getting Ready

You will need to use two different devices to complete this process:

  1. A smartphone, tablet, or landline that you normally have with you when logging into Brandeis services.
  2. A secondary device that is connected via wireless or data connection such as computer or tablet. If you don’t have both of these available, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Setting Up Duo

  1. Go to on a device that you won’t be using to authenticate with Duo (i.e., not your smartphone).
  2. Click "Start Setup" when prompted with the Duo enrollment window.

Duo prompt to start setup3. Select the type of device you’d like to enroll and click Continue.

4. Enter the number of the smartphone that you’ll have with you when logging into Brandeis services.
    Note: If you chose “Landline” in the previous step, you can also enter an extension.

Duo enter phone number

5. Choose "Call me" or "Text me" to receive verification code to verify ownership of the device, enter the code you receive, then click “Continue”.

Duo verify device ownership

6. Choose your preferred option for authenticating (automatically send a push, automatically send a call, or manually choose every time) using the drop-down menu next to “When I login:”. Then, click “Continue to login.”

Duo review settings
7. Install the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone. You can find it in the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Install Duo mobile app

8. After installing the app, return to the Duo enrollment window and click 'I have Duo Mobile installed.'

9.  To activate Duo on your device, open the Duo app on your smartphone, tap the “+” button, and use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the computer screen. On iPhone and Android, activate Duo Mobile by scanning the barcode code with the app’s built-in scanner.

before-activation after-activation

10. When Duo Mobile is activated, click Continue. You should see this confirmation screen:


Using Duo

Once you have enrolled, you will need to follow these steps to login to Brandeis systems and services:
  1. Your Brandeis Username and Password.
  2. Authenticate using Duo on your two-factor authentication device (e.g., smartphone, tablet). 
Duo login prompt


Please review the Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQs for helpful information to commonly asked questions.


If you are still unable to add your device to Duo using the instructions above and information in the FAQs, please contact the Technology Help Desk.