Information Technology Services

Best Practices for Saving Course Materials

If there are materials from earlier course sites that you wish to save, there are three quick and easy options:
  1. You can create a course backup file and save it to Box, Google Drive or other storage. This file will later need to be restored within LATTE before you can access individual files, but it maintains the organization of the files. It also includes all of your LATTE activities such as assignments, quizzes, etc. The ability to restore a course backup accurately decreases over time as biannual product upgrades may make course backup elements incompatible with the current version.
  2. You can download all instructor files and save the resulting files to Box, Google Drive  or elsewhere. This allows you to select individual files and provides a local outline of the course.
  3. You can print and/or save a PDF of your course page as a record of your course organization. Our LATTE course pages are printer-friendly. Note that this option will not preserve the underlying files that are referenced on the course page; option one or two must be performed in order to preserve the underlying files.

Restore Archived Course Materials

To retrieve and restore an archived course (i.e., after the six academic terms have passed and after the one-year archival retention period concludes), it may be possible to obtain an export of files. Please reach out to and indicate a course code and the term the course was taught. If you do not have this information, please contact the Registrar’s Office ( to obtain it. 

ITS will make every effort to locate course materials from terms that are no-longer in the current LATTE environment, but unfortunately results are not guaranteed.


For technical support with LATTE, contact the Technology Help Desk by submitting a help request, emailing or calling 781-736-4357.