Research Experience

Brandeis students engage in research both on- and off-campus. While some research experiences are application-based, most require you to reach out to researchers directly to see if they are in bringing you onto their project.

  1. Read How to Get Research Experience to learn more about finding a research position.
  2. Watch Research Advice from Brandeis Undergraduates provided by the Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations.
  3. Use the Brandeis ForagerOne platform for finding campus research. 
  4. Have your resume reviewed by Hiatt Career Center.
  5. For paid lab technician positions, view jobs in Workday.
  6. Search the Brandeis Faculty and Researcher Directory to find faculty doing research in an area of interest. Once you identify some faculty of interest, do your homework: read their web pages and recent journal articles. Talk to other undergraduates or graduate students who work in the lab before approaching the faculty member.
  7. Be resilient and persistent. You may need to send more than one email or send emails to more than one faculty person.
  8. Keep in mind: the research does not need to be bench research or hard science research to be useful!

Summer Opportunities