Academic Services

First Year Academic Opportunities

There are many unique academic opportunities for first-year students to engage in both in and out of the classroom.

The first year experience is designed to support students in their transition to college academics.

As a component of Brandeis' Health, Wellness, and Life Skills Core curriculum requirement, all first year students must complete HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety. This requirement consists of two parts:

HWL 1-PRE Intro to Navigating Health and Safety (online training)
HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety (module)
A common read program during Orientation, it is the only time that all first year students read the same book and participate in a fun and low-stakes conversation with peers and faculty. The culmination of the experience is a visit with the author.

UWS is a required course for graduation. The seminar focuses on strategies and techniques of college-level argument taught through the exploration of a subject.