First Year Academic Opportunities

There are many unique academic opportunities for first-year students to engage in both in and out of the classroom.

Academic Community Cohorts are small groups of students with shared academic interests that meet every couple of weeks and that serve as a source of support for your well-being and your academic journey.

Faculty Ambassadors focus on cultivating human-to-human connections with students that support a sense of belonging and feeling welcomed at Brandeis. Your Faculty Ambassador is there to learn more about you and support you in your transition to college.  You can talk with your Faculty Ambassador about a variety of topics including your Brandeis experience, how they decided to become a professor, what their research is about, how to connect with other faculty or offices on campus.

The first year experience is designed to support students in their transition to college academics.

As a component of Brandeis' Health, Wellness, and Life Skills Core curriculum requirement, all first year students must complete HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety. This requirement consists of two parts:

HWL 1-PRE Intro to Navigating Health and Safety (online training)
HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety (module)
A common read program during Orientation, it is the only time that all first year students read the same book and participate in a fun and low-stakes conversation with peers and faculty. The culmination of the experience is a visit with the author.

UWS is a required course for graduation. The seminar focuses on strategies and techniques of college-level argument taught through the exploration of a subject.