Academic Services

First Year Academic Opportunities

There are many unique academic opportunities for first-year students to engage in both in and out of the classroom.  The First Year Experience is designed to support students in their transition to college academics.

The First Year Experience

A part of the Brandeis Core, “Critical Conversations” introduces students to the Brandeis academic community, models the different types of intellectual inquiry available on the university campus, creates a shared experience, and invites students to think and talk about issues that are central to their educational development and the world around them.
As a component of Brandeis' Health, Wellness, and Life Skills Core curriculum requirement, all first year students must complete HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety. This requirement consists of two parts:

HWL 1-PRE What Would Brandeis Do? Supporting Community Health & Safety (online training; completed before new students arrive to campus)
HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety (module)
A common read program, first year students are invited to read the same book and participate in fun and low-stakes conversations with peers and faculty.

UWS is a required course for graduation. The seminar focuses on strategies and techniques of college-level argument taught through the exploration of a subject.