Sophomore Check-In

The Sophomore Check-In is a halfway checkpoint open for all pre-health sophomores at Brandeis. This process allows students to create achievable goals toward preparing for health profession schools.  


To complete the Sophomore Check-In, students are encouraged to take the following steps:

  1. Watch the Sophomore Check-In Webinar. This can occur any time during sophomore year, but completing this step by the end of Fall semester is recommended.
  2. Complete the Sophomore Check-In intake forms via Slate account. Forms include the following information:
    • Demographic information
    • School Exploration Exercise
    • Activities List
    • Updated Resume 
    • Comprehensive 4-Year Plan
    • Informational Interview Exercise
  3. Schedule a Sophomore Check-In meeting with a Pre-Health Advisor. In this meeting, you’ll discuss your progress on the pre-health track and creating achievable goals moving forward. This step can be completed in Fall or Spring semester, but should be completed by the end of sophomore year (date of commencement).
  4. Continue to meet with a Pre-Health Advisor throughout time at Brandeis to prepare for health profession programs. 
December 15
Deadline for Pre-Health Sophomores to Watch Webinar (Recommended)