Pre-Health Timeline

Suggested steps for Brandeis pre-health students pursuing health professional programs. Every pathway to a career in healthcare will vary for each individual! This guide is meant to help students prepare for their future pathway.

First Year

Summer: Participate in a enrichment or exploration program (example: Summer Health Education Program, SHPEP), or Volunteer or intern in the field.

Sophomore Year

Summer: Get research or healthcare experience. Review the application process. Look into Fee Assistance Program. Review standardized testing registration process.

Junior Year
Make a game plan with your advisor by discussing:
  • Taking a glide year for growth
  • Post-Bacc programs
  • When to take  standardized exam
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Timeline for finishing coursework
Application Year
Your application year may occur during your junior year (no glide year), or during your senior year (1+ glide year).
  • Attend the Applicant Workshop
  • Participate in the Committee Letter Process
  • Register early for standardized testing
  • Use admission requirement websites to compare schools
  • Begin filling out Centralized Application Service application.
  • Attend Personal Statement Workshop
  • Mock Interview practice

Summer: Finalize and submit application. Continue to volunteer or work for experience.

Glide Year

 A Glide Year is one or more year of time between graduating Brandeis and starting health programs. Many students use this time to gain healthcare experience, attend post-bac programs, or participate in research.

Health Program Decision

If accepted, decide which program you plan to attend. Complete FAFSA and financial aid forms.

If denied, talk with your pre-health advisor to consider a glide year or post-bac program.