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Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Post-Baccalaureate programs are academic programs offered for individuals who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree. These programs may offer certification or a master’s degree, although most are non-degree programs. They typically take one to two years of full-time coursework. Pre-medical or pre-health Post-Bacs are available for individuals who need academic preparation for a health professional program.

There are two main types of programs:

  1. Career Changer Programs
  2. Academic Record Enhancers

Career Changer Programs

These are programs designed for those who complete a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field and then decide later on that they want to pursue a career in health care. These programs allow students to take the prerequisite courses they need in order to apply to programs.

Academic Record Enhancers

Academic Record-Enhancers are intended for students who have already completed health program prerequisites and need to improve their undergraduate GPA. Individuals may use these programs to retake the prerequisites, or take advanced undergraduate coursework to demonstrate proficiency.

Special Master's Programs

Other programs allow students to take graduate-level coursework; these programs are called special master’s programs and have degree titles like a master’s in medical sciences. These programs, especially if offered or affiliated with a health professions school, tend to be the best preparation for students intending to pursue medical or dental school.

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