Time Away from the University

Students have the option to take time away from Brandeis and resume their studies at a later date. Students in good academic standing may take a leave of absence for a minimum of one full semester, and students on academic probation can take a leave of absence for a minimum of two full semesters. Summer semesters are not factored into the minimum required time away. Leaves of absence typically do not exceed four consecutive semesters.

Taking a leave of absence may have implications on a students academic record, financial aid, housing, and/or visa status. It is important that students requesting a leave of absence read through corresponding materials and seek guidance if needed.

Note: All return materials should be in English or officially translated. Students and their families will be notified in writing of any change in academic status. If you have any questions regarding the process of requesting a leave or to return to the University, please reach out via email to leavesandreturns@brandeis.edu or to your assigned academic services advisor.