Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study (BUGS)

BUGS is a program in the Office of Academic Services open to all Brandeis undergraduates which offers tutoring at no cost to students. Group Study Leaders are undergraduates who have successfully completed the relevant course(s), are recommended by faculty, and have been trained by Academic Services. These peer tutors lead sessions to review course material, discuss study strategies, and help prepare for assessments.

Check out our Summer 2020 schedule to view the courses which offer a BUGS tutor, times and location of tutoring sessions, and contact information for each tutor.


Name Email Course
Aaron Gordon Hebrew 10a, 19a, 20b, 34a, 44b
Alex Losada Hisp 104b, 105a, 106b
Amy Ollove Study Skills
Angela Mougiou Greek 10a, 30a
Anjay Stone Arabic 10a, 30a
Bradley Kaplan Math 10a, 10b
Camryn Cohen Psych 51
Chongkai Wu Econ 80a, 82b, 83a
Genevive Bondaryk Chem 11a, 15a, 18a
Jenna Sandler Phil 6a
Jennifer Okewunmi  Bio 14a, 15b, 16a, 18b
Lauren Bertsch  Chem 25a, 29a
Madeleine Cahn Latin 10a, 30a
Neeti Kulkarni Econ 2a, 10a, 20a, 28b
Peter Zhao  Math 15a, 20a
Rachel Sussman  Psych 10a
Steven Lazarevsky Russian 10a, 30a
Valerie Pierre-Louis  French 10a, 20b, 32a
Yining (Iris) Hao  Bus 6a, 71a
Amy Ollove  Study Skills

How to Prepare for a BUGS Session

Your BUGS session will be most helpful if you have prepared ahead of time and have an idea of what material you would like to review or questions you would like to ask. To get the most out of your time, try to do as much as possible of the following prior to your BUGS session:

Please note that BUGS is intended as a supplement to class attendance, course assignments and meeting with your instructor and/or TA.