Declaring a Major

The major/minor declaration form includes step-by-step instructions for declaring a major or minor.

When deciding on a major, keep in mind the following:

  • A major does not have to be declared until the 4th semester — this gives time for academic exploration of a range of interests and fields.

  • Only one major is required to graduate (and no minors are required). Students may complete a second or even a third major in addition to their primary major. All majors must be completed within the normal time allotted for the completion of the bachelor's degree. (Eight semesters for students entering as freshmen.)

  • You may drop additional declared majors or minors without affecting your graduation status.

  • There is a deadline to declare and/or drop majors or minors.  Students in their last semester should refer to the current academic calendar to determine this date.  Declared majors appear on the student's transcript, and completed majors appear on the transcript and diploma.