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A group of students sit around a table smiling.

Gen One is a community that believes in sharing dinners to strengthen our bonds and build a sense of togetherness. We have kept this tradition since the program was founded. We had successful welcome dinners for this academic year, where we organized fun activities like "The Wind Blows" and "Find Someone Who."

A large group of students and professors sit at tables talking.

Get To Know Your Professors events aim to help First Generation (FLI) students connect better with faculty members who share their academic journeys and experiences. These events give our students valuable insights and support as they navigated academia. The event highlights the importance of fostering strong relationships with faculty members, which are essential for academic success and personal growth.

Four students pose with handmade signs with writing about being first generation college students.

November 8 is National First-Generation Day, a day dedicated to celebrating those individuals who are the first in their families to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree in the United States. This day, celebrated to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965, is a great opportunity to recognize the achievements of students, faculty and staff from first-generation backgrounds and to show our support for them.

The Center for First-Generation Student Success hosts this occasion, providing a platform to celebrate the resilience and determination of people who are breaking barriers in higher education. It's a wonderful opportunity to build a sense of community and support for first-generation individuals at Brandeis and across academic institutions.

A group of students sit at a table drinking boba tea and making handmade bracelets.

The fall semester's second event was a great success, with engaging activities and lively interactions. Participants made bracelets, chatted and enjoyed delicious boba tea, fostering camaraderie and community among first-generation students. Despite the event's simplicity, its impact was profound, with a remarkable turnout that highlighted our commitment to building a robust and inclusive community.

A group of students stand in a row holding paintings that they have created.

This year, Gen One invited students to a serene study break at the end of the fall semester to relax and enjoy creative activities such as painting, origami and gingerbread decorating. This event offered a variety of treats, including hot chocolate and empanadas, as well as friendly competitions for the best creations which were judged by public vote.

Four students smiling and holding roses.

The Gen One Network hosted a Valentine's Day Themed Resource Fair, one of the semester's most anticipated events, that aimed to celebrate love and support within the Gen One community. Representatives from various departments such as Student Financial Services (SFS), Hiatt Career Center, Department of Community Living (DCL), Academic Advising, and the Study Abroad Office connected with students and shared information about the important resources they offer. Moreover, there were sweet treats, prizes, and more, all in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

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