Welcome to Academic Services!

The Academic Services Office coordinates a cohesive network of student leaders, staff, and faculty who provide academic advising and support services for undergraduate students. We work with students to help them identify purpose and develop their academic path throughout their time at Brandeis. Each student has their own, independent academic path, and no two paths will be exactly the same. It is because of this reason that our mission plays out daily in the lives of our students:

Academic Services upholds a culture of inclusivity as we engage a diverse community of students, faculty, and campus partners. We promote the growth of students as scholars and citizens through comprehensive advising and support over the course of their academic journey. We provide resources and opportunities that strengthen students’ ability to define and achieve their academic goals, develop resilience, and lead meaningful lives. (Academic Services Office, Mission Statement, 8/2016)

To help us achieve our mission, advising and support services are provided by the five units that make up our department: academic advising, the Myra Kraft Achievers Program, Pre-Health Advising, the Student Support Services Program, and peer academic support. Each of these units serves undergraduate students, providing resources, programming and opportunities that foster student success.

On behalf of the entire staff in Academic Services, welcome to our vibrant, caring, and intellectually engaged community.