“Through the Gen One Community, I feel like I've come to not only understand myself better but also reflect on how I should move forward as a first-generation college student. I'm also grateful for how this community has opened so many doors of friendship for me.” — Gustavo Nascimento ’27 (he/him/his)

“Being a part of the Gen One Network has been inclusive and nice to be part of a community.” — Seema Nepal ’26 (she/hers/her)

“The Gen One community cares about its members and dedicates itself to having high-quality student events. I had a lot of fun at every event I attended, it really feels like one of the higher quality clubs on campus.” — Samuel Hadego ’27 (he/him/his)
"Being a First-Gen student at Brandeis means a lot to me. Brandeis showed me support when I needed it most to overcome challenges. I'm so proud to be a first-generation student at Brandeis. Through the Gen One Network events I attended at Brandeis since 2021, I have had the opportunity to meet with amazing students, staff, faculty, and staff with various backgrounds. It is special to be a First-Gen student at Brandeis. There are several resources available that students can make the most of. Brandeis is not like any other. It is a great place to be a First-Gen student and build a community. 
My advice to my fellow First-Gen students is to be yourself and try to put yourself out there. Join clubs and talk to the people around you. Maintain relationships with the people you meet through the Gen One Network or other events. These will help you find your own community, build lifelong friendships, and have opportunities to make a meaningful difference at Brandeis. As a First-Gen student, Brandeis has a lot of resources that you can utilize. Always set realistic goals and embrace new experiences. Never let challenges prevent you from pursuing your life goals. At Brandeis, there are many people that can support you so don't hesitate to seek help when you need it." - Hussein Mohamed '24
"Being a first-gen at Brandeis means being part of a community with promising and bright individuals who will make a change in their communities and make a mark in the world. As a freshman, attending the "Get To Know Your Professors" event was one of my highlights as a First-Generation Low-Income student. I felt truly welcome and appreciated as a new member of the Brandeis community and felt excited for more meaningful connections that I could create for the next few years at Brandeis University." - Ria Escamilla-Gil '27