Guest Access for Groups and Events

A Brandeis department must sponsor visiting groups to access the Brandeis Wireless Network. The sponsoring department will provide you with a temporary guest password to access the network, which will be available for the duration of the event.

Individual visitors will be prompted to complete a guest registration form and to specify a sponsor email to initiate approval. For individual access, please see the instructions for individual guest wireless access.

Connect to Wireless using a Group Password

  1. Open the wireless network list and select the Brandeis_Open 
  2. Check the box to ‘Connect automatically’, then click Connect:

guest wireless image of connect automatically

3. Select ‘Action needed for Brandeis_Open’:

Guest wireless image 3

4. A browser will open to prompt registration. Please skip to the bottom of the page and select "Sign In." Guests using group passwords are pre-registered and do not need to complete the registration form. 

Captive portal with Sign In at the botton of page.

5. Once directed to the sign-in page, check the box to "accept the terms of use."

6. Please use the credentials provided by the event and select "Log In"to join the wireless network. 

Guest login requiring credentials and acceptance of terms of use.

7. Once authenticated, guests will be redirected to 

guest wireless image of account being registered