Individual Guest Access

A member of the Brandeis community must sponsor all guests on the Brandeis Wireless Network. Visitors will be prompted to complete a guest registration form and to specify a sponsor email to initiate approval. If you are visiting Brandeis for an event or as part of a group, please see the instructions for group wireless access.

Connect to Guest Wireless

  1. Open the wireless network list and select the Brandeis_Open

2. Check the box to ‘Connect automatically’, then click Connect:

guest wireless image of connect automatically

3. Select ‘Action needed for Brandeis_Open’:Guest wireless image 3

4. A browser will open to prompt registration:guest wireless step 4

5. Fill out the information, including the email address of your Brandeis sponsor. Please be sure your sponsor is available to approve your access by email. 

6. Set the expiration time, from 4 hours up to 2 days.

7. Check the box to accept the terms of use.

8. Click Register:

guest wireless image

9. The details of the registration will be shown, with the log in option disabled (for now):

guest wireless image of the details of registration

10. The Brandeis sponsor will receive an email request to confirm or reject the request:Guest wireless image of requesting access

11. The Brandeis sponsor can select 'confirm' or 'reject' the registration request:Guest wireless image of confirm or reject the registration request

12. Once the sponsor has confirmed the registration, the guest will see the activation and expiration times and the account status. Select 'Log In' to join the wireless network. 

Guest wireless image of activation and expiration time

13. The guest account will be enabled and the browser will redirect the guest to the main Brandeis page:

guest wireless image of account being registered