Zoom Webinars

Request a Zoom Webinar

What is a Zoom Webinar?

Zoom webinars differ from standard Zoom meetings by allowing a user or group to broadcast a meeting or event to a large audience of viewers (up to 500). Webinars allow for viewers to participate by typing questions in a Q&A window, chat and participate in live polls. Zoom webinars can be hosted from your own computer/workspace OR from a studio environment hosted through Media Technology Services.

Zoom webinars allow the option to require registration for attendees to collect participant contact information.

How do I setup a webinar?

A Zoom webinar can be requested via the Brandeis Zoom Webinar Request Form. By filling out this form, a Brandies Zoom account administrator will set up the event for you and be in touch with details to share with participants.

For more information about the difference between standard meetings and webinars, please see the Zoom Meeting and Webinar Comparison Sheet.