Echo360 and LATTE

Instructors and students can post videos from their Echo360 library directly to LATTE using the Echo360/LATTE integration. 

Lecture Capture and LATTE

Automated lecture capture recordings can be requested directly from LATTE and recordings can be accessed by students from within LATTE.

To request automated lecture capture through LATTE, look for the "Request Automated Lecture Capture" link in the "Course Tools" section of your LATTE page. 

Uploading videos to LATTE

Echo360 is the recommended platform for posting videos to LATTE with no file size limit. By uploading your file through the Echo360 integration, you can upload a video file of any size and utilize the many other rich features of the Echo360 platform, including:

  • Automatic transcription of all videos
  • Echo360's built-in video editing tool
  • Embedded video quizzes
  • Student analytics

Getting Started


Use the following instructions to access the Echo360 integration in LATTE

  1. Log in to LATTE.
  2. On your LATTE page, turn editing on.
  3. Click on Add an activity or resource.
  4. Choose a LATTE activity.
    • To simply post a video, select a Label.
    • To create a place for students to post videos that other students should be able to view, create a Forum.
  5. To create an assignment where students submit a video that is only to be viewed by the instructor or TA, select Assignment.
  6. Once the activity has been created, select the Echo360 button (located on the top left-hand section of the LATTE activity toolbar).
  7. This will launch the Echo360 tool where you will be prompted to choose one of the following:
    • Select a video from your Echo360 library.
    • Upload a video directly to Echo360 to be posted on LATTE.
    • Launch the Echo360 Universal Capture Software to create a presentation.


View the detailed instructions for submitting videos to LATTE.



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