Embedding Content on the Brandeis Website

A website built in the Brandeis University standard university templates is not considered fully accessible unless all of the content within it is also accessible. This includes embedded material, documents, forms, videos, audio files and images.

Any content you would like to embed within a Brandeis website — such as third-party, interactive tools — must be tested for accessibility by the Web Team before you place it on your website. The team will test whether your proposed content functions as intended for all website visitors, including visitors using assistive technology like screen readers.

In upholding our commitment to web accessibility, and in compliance with federal regulations, the Web Team may deny the publishing of material to the Brandeis website in a format that does not meet WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. The Web Team may be able to work with you to find an alternative, acceptable format.

Our intent is not to limit the ability to be creative or share information. Our goal is to ensure that all website visitors can access content on the Brandeis website equally, regardless of physical or developmental abilities and impairments.

If you have questions about a future project or about web accessibility in general, please contact webaccessibility@brandeis.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions