The News content type is used to display news articles on your website. The News content type is only available in the Content Below Main section of the website. If you want to display news in the Main Content area, use the List (News/Publications) content type.

(See a sample of the News content type at the bottom of this page.)

  1. Navigate to your page and click Edit. Scroll down until you see the Add Content Below Main checkbox and check it.

Check the Add Content Below Main checkbox

  1. Select the radio button for News. For Background Color, leave as beige unless you have multiple Content Below Main modules, in which case you would want to alternate colors for contrast (you can edit this later).

There are two methods you can use to add a list: manual entry and BrandeisNOW. For both, you can enter a Heading (optional), which creates large text centered at the top of the news section. Suggestion: "Recent News" or "Department News".

Manual Entry

Fields for manual entry of news item

You must add two news items in order to use the Manual Entry method. For each event you will need to add:

You can add another news item using the green plus ( + ) sign. You can also reorder items using the up/down arrows.

After you have added each news item, on the bottom of the editor, you can add Button Text and a link. You could use this to link to a larger news page.

Brandeis Now

The BrandeisNOW option allows you to include news from BrandeisNOW on your website.

Fields for entry of BrandeisNOW News feed

  1. Category: Select the news category you wish to display. Four articles from the category you choose will be displayed.
  2. Button Text: Include a button if you want to link to another page (like the BrandeisNOW homepage).
  3. Link Type: Internal/External Link: If you are using an Internal Link, click Choose File, Page, or Link. In the Chooser Panel, you can select a recent internal page, or browse for an internal page. If you are using an External Link, enter the URL, including the http://. The link will only display if you include Button Text.