Multimedia (Audio & Video)

When including multimedia (audio or video) on your website, it is important to consider accessibility, as well as the time and costs associated with producing captions and/or transcripts.

When are captions or transcripts required?


Descriptive transcripts are required for audio (podcasts, music, sound/spoken words) on the Brandeis website. Contact for guidance on creating a transcript.


Captions are required for videos on the Brandeis website. In addition, descriptive transcripts are recommended. To produce captions, we recommend you order closed captions through our preferred vendor, You may also edit autocaptions in YouTube; however, autocaptions are not always very accurate and must be thoroughly edited.

What are captions?
  • Captions appear on the video screen and change dynamically as the video plays

  • They can be open or closed

  • The primary audience is hard of hearing, deaf/Deaf viewers

What is a transcript?
  • A transcript is a written version of the entire video — like a screenplay

  • It includes description of important sounds and visual elements

  • The primary audiences include visually impaired users, viewers with learning/cognitive disabilities