CMS Guide

Descriptive Linking

It’s important that a user knows what is going to happen when a hyperlink is clicked. Do not use generic language such as "click here."

Your hyperlink text should:

  • Explain where the link will take you, or
  • Describe what action will occur when the link is activated in unique, descriptive language


  • See a list of residence halls.
    • NOT: Click here to see a list of residence halls.
  • To register, download the Enrollment Form (pdf) and return it to MS122.
    • NOT: Click here for the Enrollment Form.

Quick Tips for Linking

  • Hyperlinks should be unique and descriptive.
  • Do your link descriptions make sense to the reader out of context? Imagine all of your links read aloud as a list. Can you tell which is which?
  • In most instances, links on a web page should open in the same window, even if you are directing a user to another website. There are valid exceptions to this rule. When those exceptions occur, [new window] should be added to let the user know.