Banners (Home Page)

The Banner area is the top of your site's home page. The four options for Banner Types are:

  1. Single Full Width Image
  2. Image Carousel
  3. Feature Carousel
  4. No Banner

To change your site's banner type, select a different radio button from your site's index page.

Options for banners with radio buttons

A description of each Banner Type and links to examples of each are below.

Single Full Width Image

See an example of a single full width image

Details: Single Full Width Image

Due to image quality and size considerations, all single full width images must be approved by Digital Communications. Please send your request to for assistance.

See an example of a Single Full Width Image

Image Carousel

See an example of an image carousel

Feature Carousel

See an example of a feature carousel

No Banner (use Media content type)

See an example of no banner

Details: No Banner

When the No Banner radio button is selected, no image or text fields are available. We recommend you use the Media Content Type in the main content area of your home page to add a photo or photo carousel.