What to Publish, When to Publish

Publishing is the act of sending all or part of your site to the web. You can publish a page, folder or file.

At Brandeis, we have two publishing destinations: www.brandeis.edu and webtest.brandeis.edu. Anytime you make changes to your site, first publish the webtest — think of it as a draft server. You can check you work, share with colleagues, and make changes in the CMS prior to your page(s) going to the live site. Once you review your site on webtest, you can publish to the live site, www.brandeis.edu.

When do I republish?

After you edit a page

After you change "Include in Left Navigation" option

After you Move/Rename

After you delete

Best Practice: Before publishing your pages live, you should first publish to the test server. This gives you an opportunity to review the pages privately before they become available to the public.