Senator Message

Erickson Comas HernandezHi and welcome! My name is Erickson and I was able to serve as the MKTYP Senator for 2019-20. I’m from Providence, RI and I plan to major in International Global Studies. I hope to work in public policy as a consultant or as an analyst.

I applied to the MKTYP because even though I was in a college preparatory school I still had a lot to learn and, boy, was I right. I think that in this year (me and my classmates) we all learned tips and tricks that will help us in the future. We also learned some of the essential skills that not all first-year students get to learn and for that I am grateful.

The MKTYP, we are a family, regardless of our differences, disagreements, and arguments so we should always have each other's backs. No one knows what the upcoming year will look like, whether it is online or on-campus. Yet, I want to remind everyone here that we are minorities and that sometimes we will have classes where we are the only person of color. But that should not stop us from doing what our MKTYP year has taught us: go up to your teachers, take advantage of all campus resources and also take care of each other. Because each and every one of us has a skill, ability, and talent that we can all use and together we can overcome, grow, and succeed.

Reflecting on the first year, I think one of my best memories was our involvement in Brandeis’ Kindness Day due to our ability to lighten up everyone's mood and spread the love. Due to our collaboration, I definitely think it was cute how everyone got out there in teams, helped out, and held down the fort.

Although this year is over, this is not the end to old memories, late night hangouts or future adventures. This is merely the beginning, especially since many of you guys are situated in the same housing community. Additionally, a lot of you have great ideas and have brought up very important things in regards to the interest of people of color on campus. I would encourage you all to work with the Student Union and the president in order to create the environment and the atmosphere we want for ourselves but also others.

So congrats and how about we make the most of the MKTYP and Brandeis, get this bread, start filling up our resumes, and not let ourselves be strangers this coming year!

Thank you!

Erickson H. MKTYP ’19, Brandeis ’24